May 6, 2012

10 months

Well hello there May!
Time flies when your having fun and chasing after a 10 month old and her siblings!

Our baby is not only a testimony to how time moves quickly, she is just too stinkin cute for words. And sister knows it! Mama's heart is scattered, covered and smothered with joy over this baby girl!

Piper Grace can crawl, clap, wave, pull-up on things (sometimes stand on her own) and dance til her little heart is content! (my favorite skill, to say the least- we have dance parties when know one is looking)

Her personality is happy and bubbly with a side of sensitive. She gives the best hugs, says "mama" in a way that makes my heart flutter and can pout her bottom lip just enough to make her daddy come running-a skill that only a daughter can perfect! I know this to be true ;)

We have reached the stage where strangers are concerning and sometimes scary-only daddy and mommy will do most days. Which I can't say I mind, she is our last kiddo for awhile, so I am soaking up all the baby I can get with this one!

We spent the last 24 hours with just our little one, while brother and sister were away with my parents. It was so fun getting to know just her and the person she is becoming. Often times with three munchkins, you forget that they each have needs outside of feeding, changing, and sleep (by the time that is done x3 I am exhausted!) You tend to  forget that God has made each one unique. One kid might like to cuddle while another might need to reenact WWE on the living room floor!

Sweet moments like yesterday remind me of God's perfect design in each of our littles and how beautifully and wonderfully made they are. Each child created for a purpose, that only He knows! I love that mystery and excitement that we have to look forward to.

Being a mommy is awesome.

 Check out my two front teeth!! 
We are working hard on the top two....
they could come in and I would be fine with it thrilled! Seriously.


  1. This is so precious. Thank you for sharing.

  2. She is so freakin' cute.

    I can totally relate to spending one-on-one time...Damon and I got to spend the evening together last night and it caught me by surprise how different and special it was.

    = )