June 15, 2014

Stichfix #4...I'm still in love.

 I love to shop and I love clothes, however after four babies I am spent. My body is spent, my budget is spent and my time is spent on things that don't involve shopping...ALONE! Shopping isn't fun anymore, it's just one more thing I have to do. Most shopping experiences after having a baby are far from encouraging and I usually end up with nothing. I fell in love with the concept of StitchFix on my first try but felt I needed to stick with it for awhile to see if all the fuss about it was for real! Friends...it's so fun! It's for the working lady, the stay-at-home-mom, the sporty, the fancy, the casual and ME...the confused! 

My Fix #4 came on Friday. After a few days of mulling over my pieces I am sad to say it was not my favorite fix thus far, however I am loving the fact that with each box I am learning my style and I am learning how to voice what I like and dislike. I don't know if that makes much sense to anyone else?! As a mom who literally has had four babies back to back over the last 5 years I felt lost in what I wanted my wardrobe to look like and how I wanted to express myself via my clothes. Walking into a store like TJmaxx overwhelmed me. I wanted to know what I loved, but didn't know where to start! I went from being a mom at 22 years old (still embracing my college wardrobe) to a 28 year old (almost 30! eek!) who could no longer fit into ANYTHING in the juniors section! I felt the need to "grow up" in my wardrobe but most of the time rocked maternity jeans or leggings because it was just more comfortable. 

So here is Stitchfix #4 and why it wasn't my fav...

This was a super cute shirt. Love the feminine colors and pattern, however this girl is hot natured and the material the shirt was made of was thick and a bit too suffocating for a summer top. Not to mention a tiny bit too tight across my back. 

This cozy looking cardigan was nothing close to cozy feeling. It was an adorable style cowled neck with a zipper close...however I couldn't get it to zip ;) So I am sending it back due to size, color, and itchiness. Sad but true. It surely looked like a sweater to cuddle up and drink coffee in...but again...it's summer and I don't want to wear a sweater! I'm sweating just thinking about it!

The metal cuff bracelet was super cute. However, I don't necessarily like receiving jewelry in my Fix. I would prefer to increase my clothing and buy cheaper jewelry at place like Target or Forever 21. I'm cheap and not fancy enough to spend $30+ on my jewelry, unless it's a gift or for a special occasion. 

This shirt was so far out of my comfort zone- I just couldn't keep it. It fit well, I loved the material and the cost was reasonable. Perfect for summer! I could dress it up or down. But in the end I felt like I was part of the Jamaican bobsled team or something! I just don't feel you can mix green and red like this, unless it's Christmas....and again, friends...it's summer! 

Another thing I love about Stitchfix, is the personalization you receive in every detail of the package. You get a personal note from your stylist as to why they picked the items they sent you and you get two outfit ideas for each item. Shown above were the black stretchy pants I also received in my box....super comfty, super cute...but too tight to allow a picture on the internet and too hot to keep them for the summer. Have I mentioned I don't like to be hot!? 

In the end, I kept the bracelet. I had $50 in referral credit on my account (which is another HUGE perk of StitchFix). I felt that nothing in my box was something I could live without, however the $20 styling fee you spend goes towards your purchase, so I did not want to lose that credit. The bracelet was something I could wear with a lot of my existing wardrobe and a staple piece of jewelry, not to mention it was the least expensive thing. This way I spent about half of my credit and have enough left to receive my next StitchFix for FREE! 

Moving forward, I gave my stylist a detailed account of what I liked and disliked in my Fix. I referenced that I was hot natured, wanted more tops and would love to see spring/summer colors in my next Fix coming in July. Honestly, this was the first time I have received things I wasn't completely crazy about. Most of time my issues are with size being I am still figuring out my postpartum body type. Moving forward I think StitchFix and I are going to be great friends! I love getting mail and I love trying new things. 

I would love to answer any questions you have about StitchFix. I highly recommend just filling out the Style Profile just to figure out your own personal style, if you are like me and might feel in a wardrobe rut.

Sidenote: I am not affiliated with any company nor do I get paid for advertising or giving my opinion. However, I do receive referral credit if you so choose to use the links in my post and sign-up for StitchFix, at no cost to you. Thanks so much if that's the case, every lady loves free stuff- but if it's not your thing...no biggie! I just love sharing what I love with others! 


  1. I love that floral top, Lauren! I'm patiently waiting on my next stitch fix...it won't be here until the first week of July though :(

    1. I know! I loved the floral top just sad it was so hot and a tad too small. In the end I would have kept it if it fit better. Can't wait to see what you get! I assuming you are going to review on the blog!? ;)

    2. I'm excited to see what I get, too! And there will absolutely be a blog post (unless everything looks horrible! haha) :)