May 29, 2012

Coffee, banana pudding, and a side of random.

It's nap time for the littles and it's raining, so truthfully I am resisting the urge to take a little siesta myself.
Instead I have sat down to a yummy cup of creamer coffee and leftover banana pudding from yesterday's Memorial Day festivities.

Can we just take a minute to talk about the yumm-o factor that banana pudding has a day after you make it!?? seriosuly, who knew?! the Vanilla Wafers (if you have the Kroger brand) or Nilla Wafers (if you go for the fancy version)have set just long enough to taste like cake.....and this mama likes cake.

If you wanted to join me for some caffeine with a side of banana flavored cake, I would be much obliged for some "adult time" and like a giddy school girl, I would brush off the Cheerios from the kitchen chair of your choice ;)

I would tell you all about my new excitement for washing clothes, because I actually have a washer AND dryer that fits a family of five load-o-clothes. Notice I didn't say LOVE for laundry, because I am sure in a few days after the newness has worn off, I will go back to my normal self (much to my husband's disliking) and begin to loathe the task. However, I will still probably love that I got these "new" appliances for FREE from some wonderful people and it's pretty much awesome when you can get things for FREE- one of my favorite words, can you tell?!

And so after I ramble about banana pudding and clean clothes, I will be shocked if you haven't run for the hills!

We can sit and chat some more about more important things, in my life those would be parenting, parenting and parenting. The three musketeers in my life are a bit overwhelming these days. I never thought leaving the house, making a phone call, getting someone dressed (x3) or finding time to go to the bathroom would be so....... excuse me while I Google an exaggerated synonym for "really hard".

My favorite quote from strangers when out in public (the times we manage successfully to actually leave the house) is:

"You sure have your hands full!"

I can never tell if it's a "Bless your heart" statement or
a "What a lovely family you have" statement or
maybe something like "You should have really stayed home"

This sweet statement generally means "Lady, you have a lot of kids!"

In which my response is "Why yes, yes I do." (smile and nod gracefully).

I love that my hands are full -so is my heart.
I like it this way, crazy, overwhelming and all!

That's why I drink coffee at 2pm.

What about you!? 
Why do you drink coffee in the afternoon? ;)

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  1. Oh goodness. I just drank a cup of coffee at 7 PM in hopes that I can make it till bedtime. I can so relate. Having 2 under 3 keeps me zonked enough. I'm worried that with baby # 3 I'll just have to install a drip.