August 29, 2014

Stitch Fix #6

I am sure by now most of you have heard about StitchFix, whether it was from a blog or a friend. You might be on the fence about trying it out or maybe you gave it a chance and weren't really excited about the results. Honestly, I am still fleshing out my own ideas of what I think defines "My Style". I have figured out through this process, that I am not quite sure what I like! How's that for honest? "Dear friend, I am confusing."


 I do know that I am a mom of four little people, on a tight budget and have no clue where I lost my sense of style....I have a feeling it was around 25 years old, when I no longer felt "Forever 21". My body was invaded by small humans and molded to shape a new form I have not quite figured out. So after six Fixes, I am learning my style and growing my wardrobe a few pieces at a time. 

So here is what happened with StitchFIX #6
(Ps. I skipped Fix #5 due to nothing in my box fitting correctly, I actually ended up gifting a shirt to a friend for her birthday as to keep my styling fee!) :

StitchFix has impecable timing! Most of my fixes have been earlier than scheduled. I like this because I get super excited about fun mail showing up at my door and my StitchFix box always makes for a happy naptime! I dislike this because I usually schedule my fix to come around or right after pay day. If it comes a few days before scheduled, I might not always have the funds to commit to purchase my items, leaving me with less options. Truth. Mama is on a budget.

I loved all of the colors and patterns in this Fix. In the past there were a few items in each box that stretched me...remember the Jamaican Bobsled shirt? Fix #6 had a great mix of patterns and colors for my personality. I also love the personalized note from you stylist. However, I believe that due to the growth the company has seen, you might not always get the same stylist for each box. This makes me sad, but I completely understand due to the circumstances. 

  I could not figure out how to get this shirt and all it's glory photographed! This was my keeper! The tiny white polka dots on the front are (of course!) my favorite and the geo print on the back was such a fun addition. I have probably worn this shirt for three days straight, if you want to know the truth....maybe you didnt!? Between my kids, this shirt and dry shampoo, I have a lot of excuses not to shower. But I will...I promise. For the sake of community.

These items were so cute, however I could not assume I would "one day soon, fit into these beauties" - I did tell myself that lie a few times before I mailed them back. But, in the mail they went along with a super cute maxi dress that created a fictional muffin top and a pair of Skinny Jeans, that were "too skinny". No one needs proof. Trust me. 

Again, my love for Stitch Fix grows not just because it's a fun way to not go shopping, but because I am learning my style after four babes. I would love to answer any questions you have about StitchFix. I highly recommend filling out the Style Profile to get a grasp on your own personal style  if you are like me and might feel in a wardrobe rut. If you are on the fence about whether or not to try StitchFix or have not received much luck with your fixes check out this blog post about how to get the best Fix. 

Sidenote: I am not affiliated with any company nor do I get paid for advertising or giving my opinion. However, I do receive referral credit if you so choose to use the links in my post and sign-up for StitchFix, at no cost to you. Thanks so much, if that's the case, every lady loves free stuff- but if it's not your biggie! I just love sharing what I love with others!  

June 15, 2014

Stichfix #4...I'm still in love.

 I love to shop and I love clothes, however after four babies I am spent. My body is spent, my budget is spent and my time is spent on things that don't involve shopping...ALONE! Shopping isn't fun anymore, it's just one more thing I have to do. Most shopping experiences after having a baby are far from encouraging and I usually end up with nothing. I fell in love with the concept of StitchFix on my first try but felt I needed to stick with it for awhile to see if all the fuss about it was for real!'s so fun! It's for the working lady, the stay-at-home-mom, the sporty, the fancy, the casual and ME...the confused! 

My Fix #4 came on Friday. After a few days of mulling over my pieces I am sad to say it was not my favorite fix thus far, however I am loving the fact that with each box I am learning my style and I am learning how to voice what I like and dislike. I don't know if that makes much sense to anyone else?! As a mom who literally has had four babies back to back over the last 5 years I felt lost in what I wanted my wardrobe to look like and how I wanted to express myself via my clothes. Walking into a store like TJmaxx overwhelmed me. I wanted to know what I loved, but didn't know where to start! I went from being a mom at 22 years old (still embracing my college wardrobe) to a 28 year old (almost 30! eek!) who could no longer fit into ANYTHING in the juniors section! I felt the need to "grow up" in my wardrobe but most of the time rocked maternity jeans or leggings because it was just more comfortable. 

So here is Stitchfix #4 and why it wasn't my fav...

This was a super cute shirt. Love the feminine colors and pattern, however this girl is hot natured and the material the shirt was made of was thick and a bit too suffocating for a summer top. Not to mention a tiny bit too tight across my back. 

This cozy looking cardigan was nothing close to cozy feeling. It was an adorable style cowled neck with a zipper close...however I couldn't get it to zip ;) So I am sending it back due to size, color, and itchiness. Sad but true. It surely looked like a sweater to cuddle up and drink coffee in...but's summer and I don't want to wear a sweater! I'm sweating just thinking about it!

The metal cuff bracelet was super cute. However, I don't necessarily like receiving jewelry in my Fix. I would prefer to increase my clothing and buy cheaper jewelry at place like Target or Forever 21. I'm cheap and not fancy enough to spend $30+ on my jewelry, unless it's a gift or for a special occasion. 

This shirt was so far out of my comfort zone- I just couldn't keep it. It fit well, I loved the material and the cost was reasonable. Perfect for summer! I could dress it up or down. But in the end I felt like I was part of the Jamaican bobsled team or something! I just don't feel you can mix green and red like this, unless it's Christmas....and again,'s summer! 

Another thing I love about Stitchfix, is the personalization you receive in every detail of the package. You get a personal note from your stylist as to why they picked the items they sent you and you get two outfit ideas for each item. Shown above were the black stretchy pants I also received in my box....super comfty, super cute...but too tight to allow a picture on the internet and too hot to keep them for the summer. Have I mentioned I don't like to be hot!? 

In the end, I kept the bracelet. I had $50 in referral credit on my account (which is another HUGE perk of StitchFix). I felt that nothing in my box was something I could live without, however the $20 styling fee you spend goes towards your purchase, so I did not want to lose that credit. The bracelet was something I could wear with a lot of my existing wardrobe and a staple piece of jewelry, not to mention it was the least expensive thing. This way I spent about half of my credit and have enough left to receive my next StitchFix for FREE! 

Moving forward, I gave my stylist a detailed account of what I liked and disliked in my Fix. I referenced that I was hot natured, wanted more tops and would love to see spring/summer colors in my next Fix coming in July. Honestly, this was the first time I have received things I wasn't completely crazy about. Most of time my issues are with size being I am still figuring out my postpartum body type. Moving forward I think StitchFix and I are going to be great friends! I love getting mail and I love trying new things. 

I would love to answer any questions you have about StitchFix. I highly recommend just filling out the Style Profile just to figure out your own personal style, if you are like me and might feel in a wardrobe rut.

Sidenote: I am not affiliated with any company nor do I get paid for advertising or giving my opinion. However, I do receive referral credit if you so choose to use the links in my post and sign-up for StitchFix, at no cost to you. Thanks so much if that's the case, every lady loves free stuff- but if it's not your biggie! I just love sharing what I love with others! 

September 4, 2012

First Days

Surreal Mommy Moment #1
Nothing seems more surreal than the day you hold your sweet baby for the first time in the hospital. The doctor hands you this screaming, gooey, bright red bundle of goodness and you are instantly hooked. (ok so maybe it's even better once they are bathed and swaddled - just maybe ;) 
The instant connection is hard to explain to most people, for most daddies it doesn't even come around until later. But for the mamas, you know what I mean. No matter how squished their nose is or how much they resemble an old person- that baby is yours and you would give your life for them.

Surreal Moment #2
I had my second "Oh my stink, I am a mom" moment today
...really it's been hanging out for the last week.
 My baby, the one that I held that day in the hospital, so tiny and new, is going to school (as if the last two years of walking and talking in full sentences did not clue me in). This was a  moment that at one point in my life was just a dream. Call me weird (most people do) but I dreamed as a little girl/young girl that I would one day get to pick out school supplies and new shoes for the first day of school with own my kid. If you know three things about me-  it's that I love babies/kids, I love school supplies, and I love coffee (ok, so the third things has nothing to do with anything, but it's the top three outside of my love for Jesus and my husband)

So here we are, Day #1. My heart aches a bit, my stomach is in knots and he was/is pumped to meet his teacher and new friends. Today was a short stint verses tomorrow when he will actually go (without me) and stay for the full three hours. 
I KNOW! I am such a baby, because it's just three hours for three days a week. 
Give me a break -I am new a this.

 God's plans for this witty, tender hearted boy are far beyond my wildest dreams for him. I know this for certain because my world has been rocked, for the better, because of God's plans for my life. 
I can only pray the same for my children.  

Enjoy your time sweet boy!

 His teacher gets 5 stars in my book...I mean how awesome is this cookie to go along with the class theme of Owls! (and 5 more stars for Owls being the theme!) pure cuteness! 
I know it's just preschool, friends. I know. Promise to tone down the emotion in the days to come. 

July 27, 2012

My Heart

"Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." Matthew 12:34

As I type that verse I can't help but to sing. We just received the Seeds of Worship CD-Praise a few weeks ago and both my 2 and 3 year old know that verse complete! We can dance and sing God's truth, it's a lot of fun and a brilliant way to learn scripture.

Funny thing being a mom.... I was so excited to get that CD to teach my kids scripture, but in fact-God is teaching me so many things through that one song. 

God has taught me so much through my journey with Him.
But I have come to realize that I have learned more in the three years of parenting than I have the last 13 years of knowing my sweet Savior combined. 

In singing this verse over and over again in the car, around the kitchen table, and at bed time (to name a few) has really helped me to evaluate my heart.

It's amazing how much we have influence over others just with our speech. How we speak to people on daily basis is an incredible testimony as to what our heart cherishes most. I find myself frustrated with the lack of time I have or the amount of work I have to do, so I am quick to complain. I may not agree with someone's opinion so I am quick to judge or gossip. I often desire alone time, so I quickly fuss or snap at my family. All of these things reflect selfishness or ungratefulness and reveals my constant need of Jesus.

I know that without Christ my heart is defiled. My heart will think of nothing good. I long to parent with a pure motive. But I fail. I long to glorify God in my speech over coffee with my girlfriends. But I can't apart from Him.

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and Redeemer." Psalm 19:14

I pray that my heart is focused on Jesus so that my words towards my husband, my children and those around me might be encouraging, loving, and pointing them to the cross daily.

May 29, 2012

Coffee, banana pudding, and a side of random.

It's nap time for the littles and it's raining, so truthfully I am resisting the urge to take a little siesta myself.
Instead I have sat down to a yummy cup of creamer coffee and leftover banana pudding from yesterday's Memorial Day festivities.

Can we just take a minute to talk about the yumm-o factor that banana pudding has a day after you make it!?? seriosuly, who knew?! the Vanilla Wafers (if you have the Kroger brand) or Nilla Wafers (if you go for the fancy version)have set just long enough to taste like cake.....and this mama likes cake.

If you wanted to join me for some caffeine with a side of banana flavored cake, I would be much obliged for some "adult time" and like a giddy school girl, I would brush off the Cheerios from the kitchen chair of your choice ;)

I would tell you all about my new excitement for washing clothes, because I actually have a washer AND dryer that fits a family of five load-o-clothes. Notice I didn't say LOVE for laundry, because I am sure in a few days after the newness has worn off, I will go back to my normal self (much to my husband's disliking) and begin to loathe the task. However, I will still probably love that I got these "new" appliances for FREE from some wonderful people and it's pretty much awesome when you can get things for FREE- one of my favorite words, can you tell?!

And so after I ramble about banana pudding and clean clothes, I will be shocked if you haven't run for the hills!

We can sit and chat some more about more important things, in my life those would be parenting, parenting and parenting. The three musketeers in my life are a bit overwhelming these days. I never thought leaving the house, making a phone call, getting someone dressed (x3) or finding time to go to the bathroom would be so....... excuse me while I Google an exaggerated synonym for "really hard".

My favorite quote from strangers when out in public (the times we manage successfully to actually leave the house) is:

"You sure have your hands full!"

I can never tell if it's a "Bless your heart" statement or
a "What a lovely family you have" statement or
maybe something like "You should have really stayed home"

This sweet statement generally means "Lady, you have a lot of kids!"

In which my response is "Why yes, yes I do." (smile and nod gracefully).

I love that my hands are full -so is my heart.
I like it this way, crazy, overwhelming and all!

That's why I drink coffee at 2pm.

What about you!? 
Why do you drink coffee in the afternoon? ;)

May 15, 2012


 My prayer for myself these days reads like this  "God keep me focused, guide my steps, grant me the characteristics of you. Bring back my vision. The sight that once was completely clear, that was once able to see what you wanted for my life. Give me clarity and direction."

I used to be a teenager (a short while ago ;) who wanted WHATEVER God had in store for me. 
I had my hopes of what might come someday, but I was ultimately focused on Christ.
Whatever He called me to, I was ready to jump! No fear.
Ever have a time in your life where direction from the Lord is crystal clear? 
Like written in the sky not really kinda clear?! 

That was this time.

And lo' and behold, He gave me a handsome (pastor) man to marry, a quiver full of cute kiddos 
and didn't send me far (like seriously.....45 minutes) from home. 
Apparently I was doing something right!  Right!? 
Crystal clear direction. Confident in God's plan. (If only it were that easy!)

Did I mention I have a lot of kids? Three in three years makes for an exciting (most often LOUD) journey. I have pulled farther away from what God wants for my life and more towards what's convenient and "Mommy-Centered". As a pastor's wife I tend to lean towards effectiveness, what gets the job done, so my hubby can come home to help with the kids..... as a mommy of littles I lean towards whats easy. Both could be summed up with one word....Lazy ;)

I've glazed over this sweet word with titles like...

I don't read my Bible everyday because I am "busy". I don't meet my neighbors because I am "exhausted" after dealing with my kids. I am not really serving because I just feel "stuck", not sure where God wants me.
 Really I am just lazy, lacking passion for Jesus. 
My focus became unclear because Christ wasn't isn't the center of my life most days. 
My husband, my kids, my ministry, my friends...all first. 

God has reminded me in a bazillion ways over the last few weeks that HE wants my heart. He made my heart, He designed me so that I would make much of Him and how can I do that without Him at the center of my day, my life? 

Seems elementary for someone who's known Christ for so long, but it's truth that this momma struggles with. Getting lost in laundry piles, diaper bags, and grocery lists can be so much easier. Much more comfortable and convenient. 

But I remember when life was comfortable not knowing God's plan for my life, but resting in it no matter what. Comfort was uncomfortable but in a good way. 
Exciting, not stuck. 
I want desire that back.

God is up to something in my life and in the life of my family. 
Baby raising and church planting are just a few of them. 
So excited to make much of Him through the process. 
I want to be focused.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him and He will act. 
Psalm 37:4-5

Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings. Psalm 17:8

Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye. Proverbs 7:2

(To be the "apple of the eye" is actually referring to the center of the pupil, the very center point of the eye. To be focused on Christ is to have Him at the center of our eye and our focus. Even more exciting is knowing that we, as children of God, are at the apple of our Father's eye, His plan doesn't stray even when we tend to. God watches over us, cherishes us and protects us for a purpose.)

 Speaking of my cute kids ;) 
I can't get enough of this kid and my new IPhone camera.

I am linking up with The Anderson Crew Today for "Embrace The Camera"

May 6, 2012

10 months

Well hello there May!
Time flies when your having fun and chasing after a 10 month old and her siblings!

Our baby is not only a testimony to how time moves quickly, she is just too stinkin cute for words. And sister knows it! Mama's heart is scattered, covered and smothered with joy over this baby girl!

Piper Grace can crawl, clap, wave, pull-up on things (sometimes stand on her own) and dance til her little heart is content! (my favorite skill, to say the least- we have dance parties when know one is looking)

Her personality is happy and bubbly with a side of sensitive. She gives the best hugs, says "mama" in a way that makes my heart flutter and can pout her bottom lip just enough to make her daddy come running-a skill that only a daughter can perfect! I know this to be true ;)

We have reached the stage where strangers are concerning and sometimes scary-only daddy and mommy will do most days. Which I can't say I mind, she is our last kiddo for awhile, so I am soaking up all the baby I can get with this one!

We spent the last 24 hours with just our little one, while brother and sister were away with my parents. It was so fun getting to know just her and the person she is becoming. Often times with three munchkins, you forget that they each have needs outside of feeding, changing, and sleep (by the time that is done x3 I am exhausted!) You tend to  forget that God has made each one unique. One kid might like to cuddle while another might need to reenact WWE on the living room floor!

Sweet moments like yesterday remind me of God's perfect design in each of our littles and how beautifully and wonderfully made they are. Each child created for a purpose, that only He knows! I love that mystery and excitement that we have to look forward to.

Being a mommy is awesome.

 Check out my two front teeth!! 
We are working hard on the top two....
they could come in and I would be fine with it thrilled! Seriously.