August 29, 2014

Stitch Fix #6

I am sure by now most of you have heard about StitchFix, whether it was from a blog or a friend. You might be on the fence about trying it out or maybe you gave it a chance and weren't really excited about the results. Honestly, I am still fleshing out my own ideas of what I think defines "My Style". I have figured out through this process, that I am not quite sure what I like! How's that for honest? "Dear friend, I am confusing."


 I do know that I am a mom of four little people, on a tight budget and have no clue where I lost my sense of style....I have a feeling it was around 25 years old, when I no longer felt "Forever 21". My body was invaded by small humans and molded to shape a new form I have not quite figured out. So after six Fixes, I am learning my style and growing my wardrobe a few pieces at a time. 

So here is what happened with StitchFIX #6
(Ps. I skipped Fix #5 due to nothing in my box fitting correctly, I actually ended up gifting a shirt to a friend for her birthday as to keep my styling fee!) :

StitchFix has impecable timing! Most of my fixes have been earlier than scheduled. I like this because I get super excited about fun mail showing up at my door and my StitchFix box always makes for a happy naptime! I dislike this because I usually schedule my fix to come around or right after pay day. If it comes a few days before scheduled, I might not always have the funds to commit to purchase my items, leaving me with less options. Truth. Mama is on a budget.

I loved all of the colors and patterns in this Fix. In the past there were a few items in each box that stretched me...remember the Jamaican Bobsled shirt? Fix #6 had a great mix of patterns and colors for my personality. I also love the personalized note from you stylist. However, I believe that due to the growth the company has seen, you might not always get the same stylist for each box. This makes me sad, but I completely understand due to the circumstances. 

  I could not figure out how to get this shirt and all it's glory photographed! This was my keeper! The tiny white polka dots on the front are (of course!) my favorite and the geo print on the back was such a fun addition. I have probably worn this shirt for three days straight, if you want to know the truth....maybe you didnt!? Between my kids, this shirt and dry shampoo, I have a lot of excuses not to shower. But I will...I promise. For the sake of community.

These items were so cute, however I could not assume I would "one day soon, fit into these beauties" - I did tell myself that lie a few times before I mailed them back. But, in the mail they went along with a super cute maxi dress that created a fictional muffin top and a pair of Skinny Jeans, that were "too skinny". No one needs proof. Trust me. 

Again, my love for Stitch Fix grows not just because it's a fun way to not go shopping, but because I am learning my style after four babes. I would love to answer any questions you have about StitchFix. I highly recommend filling out the Style Profile to get a grasp on your own personal style  if you are like me and might feel in a wardrobe rut. If you are on the fence about whether or not to try StitchFix or have not received much luck with your fixes check out this blog post about how to get the best Fix. 

Sidenote: I am not affiliated with any company nor do I get paid for advertising or giving my opinion. However, I do receive referral credit if you so choose to use the links in my post and sign-up for StitchFix, at no cost to you. Thanks so much, if that's the case, every lady loves free stuff- but if it's not your biggie! I just love sharing what I love with others!  

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